Factory Selection

We’re fortunate to have a huge contacts list of suppliers throughout China; factories with specialisms in different production processes and a vast range of capabilities. These are not just factories that do an exceptional job, and who will work hard on your behalf; they’re factories that we trust. But if we need to conduct a wider search, we will, quality auditing as we go.

Once we’ve got a complete grasp of your requirements – and confirmed our understanding with you – we’ll start the selection process in earnest

Finding the right factory

Of course price is important, but it is never, ever the sole criterion. We need to consider all your requirements and consider which factories can give you the right mix of skills, competencies and experience.

Doors 2 China puts the emphasis on strategic sourcing. We’ll base our search on several key criteria, specifically:

  • Price
  • Capability and competencies – relevant experience is desirabl
  • Suitability of infrastructure / size of team
  • Reputation for quality

Strategic search

It may take time to find the right supplier. But it is always time well spent. Because once you find the right factory, everything else falls into place. It gives you the reassurances you need. It gives you the basis of a longstanding, profitable sourcing relationship.

Our experience counts here too. With 30 years sourcing experience to draw upon, we can identify the right regions to target for certain specialisms, and knowing the factories within those regions that we already trust to give you the right combination of cost / quality.

And if we need to identify new factories, we will conduct quality audits for you and provide objective assessments of their capabilities.

Dedicated sourcing assistance

At Doors 2 China we have our own dedicated sourcing manager, already in China, to ensure that we get you the right introductions to the right factories. We will ensure that your sourcing partnership gets off to the best possible start.

We think about the ongoing life of your relationship too. We will help ensure that the relationship continues to evolve – and that it continues to meet your expectations in the long term

ISO-grade reassurance

As an additional reassurance, we only ever use ISO 9001 graded manufacturers. So you know that whichever factory you work with, they will give you a proven level of service excellence