We have people ‘on the ground’ in China, performing ongoing quality audits and ensuring compliance with your standards – that’s one of the big benefits of working with us. You will never have to be disappointed by failed targets or faulty production runs. And you won’t even have to oversee any of the processes yourself. It’ll all be done for you.

Your product’s only as good as the factory that makes it. You need a factory that can handle the particular demands of your product and specifications. They need to be able to hit your quality requirements each and every time. And they need to give you the reassurance that comes with working with a genuine partner; someone who’ll pull out all the stops to make the partnership work.

So finding the right factory is a great start. But there’s a lot more to it than that…

Full project management

Our Operations and Project Manager, Frida, will project manage your sourcing relationship for you. She will oversee every aspect of production so that your orders are managed effectively throughout the manufacturing and export process:

  • We communicate your needs to your factory
  • We place your orders accurately
  • We oversee complete quality control

Managing relationships

Relationships with overseas factories need to be carefully managed. So you – or rather your overseas sourcing partner – needs to invest time in ensuring your needs are being met. You need reassurances about the quality of their work and the reliability of their delivery schedules.

And what about their needs? Are you giving them everything they need to make it a viable ongoing partnership?

  • Do you have an open, honest relationship, so that you can talk about issues and make new suggestions or requests?
  • Do they get the right kind of feedback to ensure they can go on doing what you need?

Doors 2 China can help

When we’ve identified the right factory, things really start to move. Here’s how the process pans out:

  • We work closely with the factory and provide a full project management service, with regular reports to keep you apprised of progress and any problems.
  • We negotiate with the factory to secure the best deal on price, quantities, schedule, contracts and delivery
  • We manage the end-to-end manufacturing process including tooling, samples, purchasing, pre-production runs, full production runs, packaging and strict quality control.
  • Additionally, we can accommodate your requirements for product branding, packaging development, and product adaptions to ensure every product meets your precise requirements